About Us

Agsu Bıldırcın Çiftliği

Agsu Bıldırcın was established in Mersin in 2000 under the name of Doğal Bıldırcın Çiftliği (transl. Natural Quail Farm), in order to present its natural quail products to its customers first hand and fresh. Our farm was included in Agsu Limited Company in 2005 with the aim of improving its administrative structure and investments, and further increasing the service and product quality offered to its customers.

Our company, which has been one of Turkey’s leading enterprises in quail production for more than 15 years, has the poultry slaughterhouse license and quail egg production license required by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and has infrastructure and equipment in accordance with legal regulations. In addition, with the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate, the compliance of our company’s poultry production, processing and packaging with the food safety system has been approved and our facilities are regularly audited by independent food inspection companies.

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