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Agsu Quail Farm


We take pride in offering you the highest quality, safe, and flavorful quail products from Agsu Quail Farm. We aim to bring health and flavor to your tables with our quail products which are naturally nurtured, bred in our modern facilities under vet surveillance and hygienically packed for you.

The Epitome of Quality

At Agsu Quail Farm each quail is bred with care under healthy conditions in our meticulously selected environment. Our quails, grown in accordance with natural nutrition and hygiene standards, are nurtured to provide you with the highest quality meat and eggs. Our farm holds globally recognized ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005 quality management system and food safety certificates. Our facilities undergo regular audits by independent inspection organizations for food safety, quality management, and hygiene.

Safe Shopping Experience

Trust is our top priority in online shopping. Our website uses the latest technology for secure payment systems and the protection of your personal information. When placing your order online, you can securely complete your purchase using a credit card or bank transfer and enjoy the delivery of our fresh quail eggs, whole quail meat, quail breast meat, quail thigh, quail egg pickle products safely to your doorstep.

In our online store, you can purchase quail thighs and quail breast meat products by the kilo. Whole quail meat and quail eggs are offered as packed. Additionally, unpasteurized quail egg pickles are one of the must-try flavors available for purchase in our online store.

Where Experience and Flavor Meet

With years of experience, our quail farm combines traditional flavors with a modern touch. Our expert team works tirelessly to present quail products to you in the most delicious way possible. If you’re seeking a special flavor for your table, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact Us, Discover the Flavor!

If you’re in search of quality, trust, and flavor, Agsu Quail Farm is here for you! Click now to explore the products you need and place your online order. Open the doors to a delicious world!

Wishing you healthy days!